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Portlligat - Casa Museo Dalí

Portlligat is one of the most well-known coves in Cadaqués as it is where Dalí resided for much of his life with his wife Gala. This house is currently the Casa Museo Dalí and is located less than 5 minutes from our establishment.

Dali's house was originally a fishermen's barracks. Dalí was fascinated by the landscape and the tranquility giving rise to the inspiration to carry out many of his works so artistic known worldwide.

Cap de Creus

The Cap de Creus is the easternmost tip of the peninsula. Since 1998, it is the first Natural Land Marine Park in Catalonia.

It is located about 8 km. There we will be able to see the Lighthouse of the Cap de Creus and follow some of the hiking routes that will take us through magnificent landscapes sculpted by the Tramontana and the strong waves of the east that over time have been sculpting the oreography of the area.

Far de Calanans

The Cala Nans' lighthouse is seen from almost all of Cadaqués. We can get to it by the round road that goes along the whole coast of the bay of Cadaqués.

It is an excursion to be able to do with family in which are discovered landscapes and places that from the town do not look like the beach of Sa Sabolla just before arriving at the lighthouse.

Once in the lighthouse we can enjoy one of the best landscape of the Cadaqués' bay.

Teatre-Museu Dalí

The town of Figueres, located about 35 km from Cadaqués, was where Dalí was born in 1904 and which houses the Dalí Theater-Museum that was built on the ruins of the old Theater of Figueres. Inaugurated officially in 1974.

The Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation manages the museum that is dedicated entirely to the work of this brilliant painter and is considered the greatest surreal object in the world.

Together with the Dalí House-Museum in Cadaqués and the Gala Dalí Castle in Púbol, they form the so-called "Dalinian triangle".


We also highlight Girona, 74 km. Its origin comes from the Roman city of Girona and is crossed by 4 rivers.

In Girona we can find the Santa Maria's Cathedral which has the second largest Gothic nave in the world, the old town, the impressive wall, the Jewish's Call, the Archaeological Walk with its Arab Baths, the picturesque houses of l ' Onyar, and more!